1977 Ferrari 308 GTB

This is car number 74, so it’s one of the first metal bodied Ferrari 308’s produced.

The first +/- 100 cars built had a few differences, such as having 4 carburetors (later cars were fuel injected), a unique black aluminum trim around the rear glass, plus the rear glass was also a different shape than the body, making the install “a little exciting”.


When this Ferrari arrived at Jellybean AutoCrafters, it was red and the client thought it was the original colour but while we were authenticating the car, we found out it was an actually an original silver/blue car. To our understanding, only about 25 vehicles were painted this colour.

This turned out to be a bit of a challenge as the paint code on the bottom of the deck lid was not in any data base or recorded in any files, so we created the colour in-house to a perfect match to the areas where the original paint was hidden behind the panels that had been covering it up for a lot of years.




Kurt Penner, one of the owners here at Jellybean Autocrafters, picked and filed the body of this beauty to perfection, so less than a cup of filler was used on the entire car. He then applied the paint to show winning perfection.

Having a multi-carb tune-up specialist on hand who know his way around Ferrari’s of that era, he got it running beautifully, which is rare for Ferrari’s of that day.

With the new leather interior all done and looking great, it received its official invite to the Crescent Beach Concourse d’Elegance event, where it took home the 1st place trophy. A lot of effort went into the car from all parties, so it was a big win for the client, all those who brought it to that level and the car itself.

With this car being in ”perfect condition”, it also drives great, like you’d expect a 1977 Ferrari 308 to drive like, so it sees quite a few miles, going to the office and back as well as weekend road trips.

We are proud to have two of our builds on display at the Crescent Beach Concourse d’Elegance event today.
Both are owned by great clients who enjoy the finer things when it comes to vehicles so to receive an invite for the top Concourse show in the area, is an honour.

Both cars received awards so we consider it a very successful day at the Crescent Beach Concourse d’Elegance event.
The Ferrari 308GTB is one of the first 100 metal bodied 308’s built so it’s carbureted and has a slightly different shaped rear window that has aluminum trim around it. Ferrari also only painted less than 100 cars in this colour, making it so rare that no paint manufacturer worldwide has ever updated the paint code so in order to paint it, a new paint code had to be created. Being such a special car, the client had us pick and file the body to perfection so there is less than one cup of filler on the entire car.
The Mercedes 280SL Pagoda Top also has a unique colour. As time goes on, this brown is the rarest colour and quickly becoming the most desirable colour on the 280SL’s.
Both of these vehicles are amazing so we are honoured to have both take home such prestigious awards.
We would like to publicly thank both clients for entrusting us with their prized possessions and allowing us to bring them to the condition they are today.

We are putting the final touches on this ’77 Ferrai 308 GTB we have on the go so it’s off to have Paul Silva do his magic with the fine tuning of the engine. He’s the multi-carb master so we are looking forward to doing a test run or two after he’s done.
This is one of the first 100 308 GTB’s built (#78), one of less than 100 cars this colour & one of only a handful with aluminum trim around the windows. It is considered to be amoing the rarest of 308 GTB’s so it’s an honour to be chosen to bring it back to its former glory & a give it a bit extra.
Our scope of the project was mainly the body restoration & some mechanical.
Kurt Penner is a master when it comes to metal fabrication and finishing so he “picked & filed” the body to perfection and used less than a cup of filler on the entire car. He’s also an amazing painter so this concourse quality paint job & metal work is “just another day at the office for him”.
Jellybean AutoCrafters is extremely proud to have our name associated with such a fine vehicle, we never take for granted that we work on so many significant vehicles, to us it’s always a privilage.

We’ll post some build pictures soon, hope this is enough to get a slight understanding of this amazing car.