Targa Newfoundland Mustang

November 1 2021
Here’s the ‘66 Mustang, that’s been dubbed as Unstabled, we’re building for Targa Newfoundland.
It’s a full on race car that’s built for the rough roads it’ll blast down during the race.
It’ll also go to Pikes Peak, Speed Week, Area 27, Etc.
Unstabled features a hand built wide body by Kurt, who is one of the owners here at Jellybean AutoCrafters. A super charged Coyote engine pumping 750hp, 6 speed manual transmission, full our race suspension capable of 1.06G in a skid pad. The list of great details on this build go on and on.
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When you’re serious about building an extreme car, you automatically use “extreme parts”, hence the reason for choosing Fikse Wheels for the 1966 Mustang extreme race car we’re building for the Targa Newfoundland event.
Running in the open class which is their top class, competitors will bring their best, so we will bring our best and choose the best parts in the industry.
Fikse Wheels is almost a no brainer as they build top of the line, one-off racing wheels to our specifications for world class racing. The bonus is that they are a local company and are the type of people who understand the seriousness of such events and to top it off, their customer service is top notch, so you know if there ever is an issue, they’ll jump get you back up and running in no time.
Great people with great products so check them out at Fikse Wheels, you’ll be glad you did.

Major progress happening on the Targa Newfoundland ‘66 Mustang. September’s event is just around the corner so we hope it’s safe to drive across Canada with two cars (Mustang in the trailer) that’ll be participating in the event by then.

This project couldn’t happen without our great sponsors who’ve stepped up big time to make it happen. Check them out, these folks are awesome to deal with;

Fikse Wheels – Top quality custom one-off performance wheels

Lewis Thaw at Canadian Classic Auto Supply www.autoholic.ca


– passionate/knowledgeable personal and great quality parts for all vehicles.

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks – high performance racing frames, suspension, etc.

Targa Newfoundland

Here’s the muscle and the drivers behind taking the checkered flag at the Targa Newfoundland race coming up in September.
500 plus horsepower Coyote engine with a 6 speed manual transmission and Alston Chassis Works suspension in a highly modified 1966 Mustang driven by James and navigated by Jay.
A boatload of work ahead of us plus a ton of track time to make sure everything is set up just right for the ultimate street race.
Remember the Molson Indy in downtown Vancouver? Now picture a race in Newfoundland with no barriers, with full out race prepped Mustangs, Corvette’s, Porsche’s, Lamborghini’s, etc., all blasting at speeds up to 150 miles per hour along the ocean and other roads. Welcome to Targa Newfoundland, it doesn’t get much more exciting than.

A special thanks to our sponsors;
Brown Brothers Ford
Canadian Classic Auto Supply
Alston Chassis Works
Fikse Wheels
Jellybean AutoCrafters

The 1966 Mustang, Targa Newfoundland full on race car project is taking shape.
In anticipation of its future, we’re lowering the body over the frame by just over an inch to give it a better/lower appearance later on when it becomes the grocery getter for the family.
We are very pleased that Chris Alston Chassisworks provided such a fine chassis/suspension system for this project. Their products all fit perfectly and look great so with the performance that they supply, this Mustang will hold its own at the Targa event and others it’ll compete it and still be a great looking/performing street car afterwards for many years to come.

@cachassisworks @lordcoparts @axaltarefinish @fordperformance @targanl @tremecperformance @general_tire

And so starts another major adventure for us at Jellybean AutoCrafters.
Picture yourself blasting through downtown, main street, over bridges, along the ocean side, the countryside, etc. in a high horsepower, fully prepped race car, with the pedal to the metal while pushing your car and your driving skills to their “breaking point”. The heat of your adrenaline is pumping through your veins, your navigator is yelling out route instructions over the noise of your engine and tires that are begging for mercy while providing the ultimate driving experience on paved roads. You’re so focused on the road in front of you and the navigational screams of your “co-pilot” that the trees, buildings, people, goats, etc. are nothing but a blur as you blow by them at speeds of well over 100mph and all the while, not being concerned about getting caught by the police because the event is supported by the authorities so they have the roads blocked off for you.
Well folks, welcome to the 2020 Targa Newfoundland .

We’ve built some outstanding vehicles over the years and this 1966 Mustang will stand proud among the top vehicles we’ve had our hands on. It’ll be beautiful but it won’t be a well performing show car but rather, it’ll be a very well performing race car so here is the plan;
Step 1. Get car mobile after sitting for 3 years.
Step 2. Bring it to our shop
Step 3. Pull it all apart and spend a ton of hours building a nasty race car from scratch.
Step 4. Do this for the next 14 months.
Step 5. Bring it across Canada and compete in the ultimate street race in Canada that is Targa Newfoundland.
Step 6. Celebrate the win 🙂

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