1966 Beaumont SD Convertible

This Canadian built 1966 Beaumont Sport Deluxe convertible 396 big block came in with the intention of straightening the body, shooting a gorgeous red Dupont base clear paint & re-chroming the trim. After seeing the vehicle under the lights in our shop it was evident that this paint job that was only a few years old needed to be stripped off completely and redone. The car was brought to Specialty Blasting to strip the paint & fillers off of the main body, the hood & trunk lid will be dipped at Redi-Strip. The stripping process revealed more bad news for the customer. The quarter panels, that were installed very recently, were only tacked on & overheated during the process, this caused them to warp badly during the installation. The rest of the patches were not welded at all but rather glued on with panel adhesive. This procedure is acceptable in the collision industry but does not have good long lasting results that are necessary in a restoration. Adhesive also has the problem of not being a flush patch therefore more filler is needed to “hide” the repair. In an effort to bring this beauty to a level the car deserves the customer opted for new doors & rear quarters. The front fenders are useable once we straighten them out & weld in new patches.

Upon completion, this SD big block convertible will not only be fun to drive but will be a real eye catcher and an excellent example of a true Canadian built muscle car. With the value of these cars escalating the way they are this is an excellent investment that will definitely pay off for the customer.