1970 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda Top

This 2 owner 280SL came to the shop in decent shape for a 50 year old vehicle.

We are familiar with 280SL’s, so the restoration on this one didn’t have many surprises. There still were a few, but there always are.

We straightened the body to a very respectable level and made sure all the gaps were where they needed to be, then did the steps to bring it into paint.

The level of bodywork we’ve done, along with the quality of modern paint products we use, make this original green colour have great pop and shine. It’s right in line with high end, modern expectations of classic vehicles.

The engine and transmission, both needed rebuilding so they are now as good as new.

All the correct colours, hoses, wiring, etc. were used in the engine bay.

We replicated the original interior, with every detail as it needed to be. 

All these details bring the car to a concours level. It also assures the client that the car is as it was built at the factory, which enhances the vehicles value.

The time and material invested in this great Pagoda Top 280SL, will last a lifetime, if reasonable care is taken of it. This is how we provide great value to the client and make a piece of history that can be passed on to the next generation of car enthusiasts.

This 280SL has been the owner’s pride and joy for many years, so he’ll be driving on the streets again very soon, just like the days gone by.