1962 Galaxie 500 Sunliner Convertible

Having purchased this 1962 Galaxie 500 Sunliner Convertible new from the dealer all those years ago, the clients have many stories to tell of the times they took their kids here & there, road trips they took & all the good times surrounding this beauty. Now they can once again enjoy it for what it once was, or even a bit better. It’s done to a concourse level & will compete at shows down the coast.

The car originally had every factory option available with the exception of air conditioning. IT also had every dealer installed option as well with the exception of the tissue box.

To say it is a fully loaded car doesn’t do it justice until you notice the details. It’s a Galaxie, a 500, a Sunliner convertible model with the Thunderbird 390 cubic inch engine (bigger horsepower), Thunderbird brakes (larger for more stopping power), remote spotlight mirrors, remote trunk lock, power windows, power seats, etc. The list goes on and on & back in the simple times in 62, that was extremely rare.

Our part of the build was to rebuild all the mechanicals from top to bottom as they were failing one by one & bring the body, undercarriage, interior & engine bay to a concourse show quality level.

With the break-in complete, it’s wonderful to drive, so the clients are extremely pleased.

The clients drive their cars quite a bit, so chances are good you’ll see them out for a drive on nice days as well.

A big thank you to Gordon & Lorraine for entrusting us with this gem, enjoy