1929 Ford Chop Top

This 1929 Ford was built in the mid 90’s and it was known as one of the nicest and straightest bodies on an old Ford, in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and still is to this day.

We were honoured when we had the privilege of chopping the top on it by 3 ½ inches.

Picture chopping the top on a show winning hotrod with perfect paint, and doing it without damaging any paint, besides the area we work on. Needless to say, “anxieties” were a shade higher than normal but with all the proper safety measures and fire blankets in place, we began to make the cuts.

When we chop a top, we always add reinforcements inside the pillars to assure no troubles will ever arise in the areas we modify.

We cut the glass to fit, modified the upholstery to suit the chop and gave it a show quality paintjob in the areas we’d worked.

It came out perfectly, you can’t tell were the cuts are and the paint matched perfectly, so the client was very pleased.


This is the level of skill, forethought, patience and passion that Jellybean AutoCrafters expects from its staff. This way, the client is pleased with the car for many years to come.