1961 Corvette Restomod

Owning a 1961 Corvette that drove nicely and was reliable, was the dream for the couple who own this car.

To fulfill their dream, this what we came up with.

Complete rewire

Art Morrison Frame

            Powder coated black

            Capable of 1 G on a skid pad

Adjustable coil-over shocks

13” rotors

            6 piston front calipers

            4 piston rear calipers with park brake

All new brake and fuel lines

Custom built brake pressure multiplier

  • eliminates the need for power brakes yet has great brake feel


This is now a fantastic driving ‘61 Corvette with cornering performance that rivals a 2010 Corvette and still has a great drive for date nights, car tours and such.

It’s a great car and they are great clients, so we are pleased that we were chosen for this build.

We wish them many years of enjoyment and driving their dream car