1965 Corvette Wet Supercharger

With a wet supercharger, a 6 speed manual transmission and upgraded suspension, this 1965 Corvette was a nice driver but the body and interior left much to be desired.

The vision for this project was to make it “pop out of the crowd”, so the client wanted it to be top notch.

The quality of the existing paint was quite poor, so most of it chipped off which made it easy to remove but it revealed a lot of nasty issues under it, so our craftsmen repaired the fiberglass, added a big block hood.

Fiberglass parts are notorious for warping or/and shrinking over time, so they have “ghosting” in the paint over the course of time. This is due to heat from the sun and the engine, so we post cured the hood for 8 hours at 160 degrees and an additional 10 hours at 180 degrees.

We tightened up the hood and door gaps and straightened the body to “perfection”.

To enhance the appearance even more, we sharpened all the lines of the car which made it crisp to the eye, then applied show quality paint.

It now has pop, like few others do. Check out the reflection of the paint, keep in mind that the trees are about 400 feet away from the car and you can still see a perfect reflection, just like you’d see in a mirror.

The bonus is that when it’s parked at a car show, this Corvette pops out of the crowd as if it is glowing. Quality work takes time, skill and patience. Fortunately, our staff checks all the boxes, so the client is extremely plea