October 19 ·
The Supercharged V10 Viper engine and 6 speed manual transmission fit well in this 67 Mustang Convertible after a ton of modification.
We moved the firewall back enough to clear the extra long engine with the front mounted supercharger but it still had plenty of foot room, so it’s still comfortable to drive.
We custom built the frame to fit inside the original front frame horns and slide it up into the floors to keep a respectable amount of ground clearance. Our vehicles are designed to drive very well, so ground clearance, geometry, ergonomics, etc. are always taken into consideration.
With 900 Horsepower and a 6 speed manual trans, this Mustang will be a ton of fun when it’s done.
We brought it to the state it is on the pictures and the client is finishing the rest off himself.
It’ll be a great addition to all the other cool cars he already has.
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