August 14 2023 1937 Hudson Terraplane pickup

Here’s a throwback to the most beautiful grill we’ve ever restored.
The grill for this 1937 Hudson Terraplane pickup came to us in extremely poor condition. You could say it was well beyond repair but with no replacements available, it had to be repaired.
The project was a Chip Foose design, which he had subcontracted out the build but Chip didn’t have anyone to repair the grill. His client heard about us, so it came to us to do our magic.
It took a ton of hours but it turned out perfectly. It was so nice that Chip himself came to us to thank us for our efforts when he came up to the BC Custom Car Show at the Tradex.
Unfortunately this entite truck was lost in a garage fire about 3 years ago, so it won’t be on display anywhere anymore.