July 12, 2023

2006 Dodge Mega Cab Long Box

We chop tops, channel vehicles, and all sorts of work that makes a vehicle smaller/lower but we’ve only ever had one request to make their vehicle longer.
A client, who’s an avid hunter, fisherman and all things outdoor, has a 2006 Dodge Mega Cab which is a 4 door with the rear door extended and the pillar behind the rear door extended as well. These trucks are the biggest trucks on the market, even though they have a short box, so to extend one is almost unheard of.
Our scope of work was to remove the rear portion of the frame and install a long box rear section, a long box bed and build a new dive shaft and new, longer fuel and brake lines.
In the end it looks great and performs well. It looks completely stock, even though it’s had a major modification done to it which is exactly what the clients dream was.