1967 Cougar XR7

In 1967 Mercury introduced the Cougar which became Motor Trends car of the year. This Cougar boasts the XR7 option so it has a console between the seats and on the ceiling. It was treated to a factory restoration so we ensured all part numbers matched the build sheet, actually we are cheating a bit. We are adding a factory 4 barrel to make it a bit more fun, factory disc brakes and radial tires that will help make it safer.

Its basic spec’s are; XR7 package, 289cu, automatic, power steering, power brakes, black vinyl top, metallic green exterior and a black deluxe interior.

1967 Cougar body parts are not available from the aftermarket industry so we sourced out some good used body parts from down south. We have excellent metal fabricators on staff so we fabricated the balance of the parts in house. The beautiful lines of the Cougar are defined by the quality of the body work and enhanced by the green metallic base/clear paint.
This a great example of a OEM style restoration with slight enhancements to make it a bit more enjoyable.