1961 Lincoln Continental 4 door convertible with suicide doors

In the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s cars were all the rage and manufacturers were producing some of the most unique automobiles ever. During that time the Lincoln Continental 4 door convertible with suicide doors was the top of the American pride, made evident by President Kennedy.

The personalization of this Lincoln will put it into a class of its own. It features many custom touches throughout the vehicle, most of which are so subtle that most people won’t even notice them yet they will like it more than others.

The car will be painted its original tan colour but done in a modern interpretation. Having a premier painter on staff and a world class paint supplier it allows us the creativity to create some unbelievable colours. We let these guys brainstorm around a client’s idea and they come up with some beautiful eye candy.

Much pride in this vehicle is given to the wheels, they will be custom designed in house to look like the original 14” hub cap but made in 18” billet aluminum with modern engineering behind them.


The interior will be Black and Ivory leather with brushed aluminum inserts in the dash and door panels. Hidden behind the upholstery will be a subtle yet top notch Hertz/Audison stereo system. The point is not to wake the neighbours with sound but rather to enhance the driving experience be providing the client the same quality sound is his car that a home theatre system would have even at low volumes.

Attention to details is taken on all our builds so the steering wheel along with all knobs & switches have been restored & re-painted, the instruments have been restored making them look as resilient as new.

Adding adjustable air ride meant re-engineering the entire suspension. We kept to the original manufacturer’s mandate that Lincoln Continentals need to have a great smooth ride. We installed automatic leveling control much like the new Lincolns have but the advantage we provide over a new Lincoln is that the client can adjust the ride height to what he wants. This client likes it low but if he comes to a large speed bump or such he can simply raise it a bit with the click of a button. The same goes if he wants to lower it for a show, click a button and it lowers itself to the predetermined height.

The engine bay on this beauty is like a jewelry box. Lift the hood and all you see is the engine gleaming with no unnecessary wires, hoses or holes. The inner fenders have been smoothed and an additional removable firewall was created to hide the duct work, wiring and hoses needed to operate the vehicle. It is the show-piece of the vehicle.

All the trim & chrome is also being redone so with all the details looked after from front to back.