At Jellybean AutoCrafters, safety & function are always the #1 priority on any build. No matter how beautiful or perfect the build, it must be safe.

This beauty came in with a recently installed air ride suspension system but with less than 1000 miles was already showing extreme signs of wear due to poor installation practices making it a hazard to be on the road.

We were able to re-use much of what was there but made some significant changes to make it safe & meet/exceed the DOT code yet still enhance the ride. It now boasts a 3 turn lock to lock steering system with 1 ¼ inch front & 1 inch rear adjustable sway bars, Wilwood 4 Piston 4 wheel disc brakes, hydro-boost & Viking double adjustable coil-over shocks which have transformed this 500HP 396 powered muscle car from hazardous to a canyon carver that can be thrown into corners with confidence & agility.

You’d never guess you are in a 68 Camaro when you feel the performance, stopping power & handling of this magnificent convertible. Take it on the open road or compete in an Auto Cross event, either way, it’s a blast to drive.

We are pleased to hand this Camaro back to the client knowing his concerns for the safety of his family are all behind him and with his expectations of the quality of work being exceeded, he can now enjoy the car for what the dream was when it was initially modified.

Ergonomics, Design, Engineering, Geometry, Workmanship, Safety, etc. play a major role in all we do so this is another example of the skill level of the staff at Jellybean AutoCrafters and another reason why our slogan is “More Than Just Eye Candy”