1938 BMW 327/28 Cabriolet

This European pre-war sports car was one of the most desirable sports cars in its day. The 1938 BMW 327/28 Cabriolet convertible’s classic lines are still as appealing today as they were when it first came to the market and with only about 800 built over a 4 year period, it is a real privilege for us to be a part of. The car is being restored to the original specifications with the exception of a few minor changes to increase drivability, as one of the intended uses is to run some Road Rallies and tours.

After disassembly, the body was acid dipped in preparation for the metal recreation. There are no body panels available for this classic so every part needed to be hand crafted. With a couple of old school panel beaters on staff the lower 2 – 3 inches of the body have already been fabricated along with a myriad of other areas.

Once the re-creation of the body was complete it went back for a second acid bath & then a phosphate dip which not only coated the visible areas but also the inside of the frame & all the hidden areas of the body which cannot be accessed otherwise. After the phosphate it got it’s epoxy coating.

A new hood and firewall was fabricated, inner fender liners were built and front signal lights were added along with other fabrication work.

Due to a lack of aftermarket support for this type of vehicle our machining and our engineering departments got a lot of use, especially the mill & lathe. A new front window winder knob, all bushings for the suspension, hinges & pedals, a ball joint, brake adjusters, even lock barrels needed to be created.

The door handles were destroyed internally so custom springs needed to be made in order for the handles to make them work, the tail light lenses were beyond repair and so forth. When we say we built everything for this car, we mean everything.