1963 Ford Fairlane

When this 1963 Ford Fairlane came to Jellybean AutoCrafters for its bodywork and paint, the body wasn’t in bad shape rust-wise but it needed a considerable amount of work to straighten it up to a respectable level. The inner fenders needed attention and the interior also had a lot of exposed metal in it so by the time you add the dash, consul and related bits such as door tops and inners, steering column and related pieces, bolts, etc, they have almost as much metal surface area but took more work than the outside of the car did so it was a sizable task bringing all the details to the condition they needed to be. The project was like doing two cars at once to be but it was well worth the effort.

The client is doing all his own mechanical work with the intention of the rest of the build to be a beautiful street car that stands out from the crowd. The colour needed to be bright and attractive so a custom mix metallic copper colour was created to the clients liking and it suits the car perfectly. Seeing it in its finished state is a sight to be seen.

The “finished pictures” show a depth and gloss in the paint which can only be achieved by performing quality bodywork under it and a paint application from a painter who knows his stuff using the best products and equipment. The project is not a show car yet the reflection, even on the white roof, is excellent showing the clouds, trees and buildings beautifully. Some of the buildings and trees in the reflection are 500 feet away & yet look crisp so once it receives its final wet-sand and polish this Fairlane will be spectacular and will be a contender at local car shows.