1928 Ford Roof Insert Fabrication

The staff at Jellybean AutoCrafters has a wide variety of skill sets including fabricating and replacing the structural wood on old vehicles. We can install a “kit” if it is available or fabricate one if one is not available. We did not perform the wood work on this vehicle but we did fabricate the roof insert from a flat piece of sheet metal. These tudors had quite a flat roof in the center but we gave this one a bit more curve from side to side than the factory did to give it a better proportioned and a more appealing look.

We believe the only way to have a “perfect” completed job is to have a “perfect” fit before it is welded into place. First off we give the panel the correct shape while it is still oversized then once it sits perfectly to the contours all around the roof we cut it to size then weld it on. Notice how tight the fit of the roof panel is, even before welding it in.

If the fit is not this good, the panel would need to be pushed into place while welding it on causing it to be under tension thus causing waves in the product so much more filler would be needed to get it to its correct shape.
After it has been painted, the insert roof will get a thin layer of foam then a canvas covering to finish it off.