Jellybean AutoCrafters owners Ewald Penner & Kurt Penner have spent years building a strong top-notch staff. Knowing a great staff does not happen by accident they have recruited workmen, not only from Canada but also from abroad.
To build a top-notch vehicle you need to start at the ground level with the proper tooling and awesome craftsmen. Quality and care throughout the build are essential so once the plan, direction & design are laid, the physical work begins.
Our design team has built vehicles that have placed in the top ranks at races and rallies including the Peking to Paris Rally & found their place on the podium at many shows including the Grand National Roadster Show and Pebble Beach.
The work we perform ranges from “true” restorations on rare classics done with infinite details to custom one-off rides.
To have our team of craftsmen create a masterpiece for you contact us to arrange a consultation.


To provide a service for specialty vehicles and a shopping experience for the customer that has an easygoing atmosphere with a laidback environment through honesty, integrity, open communication and teamwork. We create the most attractive works of art and put them on wheels.

Jellybean AutoCrafters is an exciting business that addresses the need of having a high-end restoration facility along with a top-level custom fabrication shop, full service repair facility and machine shop on the same premises. This allows us to take a vehicle from concept to a reliable,  great driving work of art. These distinct but complimentary services benchmark customer service.


Jellybean AutoCrafters is not only on the cutting edge of the Resto-Mod market and pushing the envelope in the latest trends, it performs restorations on classic and vintage vehicles for the discerning client. We build reliable, state of the art rides & upgrade your classic car. Whether it is fabricating the missing parts for a vintage Maserati or engineering a one-off custom show car, we have the staff, expertise & the equipment to please even the most discerning client.
4 wheel disk brakes, electronic fuel injection, air ride systems, body modifications, rust repair, restoration, multi-media with GPS navigation systems and innovative designs are a few of the services that we offer. Performance of the design is of key importance on all our vehicles.

Jellybean AutoCrafters will work together with any reputable shipping company, Auto Transport Company, or pick-up & deliver vehicles via Partel Towing


By making the customers a priority and reaching for the highest standards possible, Jellybean AutoCrafters can create the vehicle of your dreams. We build cutting edge vehicles with the latest technology and the finest craftsmanship. We strive to provide well proportioned, beautiful and ergonomically correct styles. We provide a full range of services from touch-ups to big jobs, from concepts to turnkey cars in a one stop shopping environment.


Jellybean AutoCrafters has a strong management team that enables us to fulfill this exciting dream.
Being a visionary with a very creative mind and having vast experience in manufacturing & a life long passion for custom vehicles, Ewald Penner is the main front man and the head of sales & marketing.
Kurt Penner is also very creative and has a lifelong passion for automobiles. He is a major part of our designs and heads up our fabrication and mechanical teams.
Otto Penner had 30 years of automotive business management experience before coming on board at Jellybean AutoCrafters. He’s the driving force in keeping the business respectably profitable and going in the right direction. His skills are a great asset to the company.


All of Jellybeans employees have a passion for vintage rides, hotrods, custom and restored vehicles. They have an eye for design and a drive to succeed. Diagnosis & creative out of the box thinking skills are mandatory. People skills are of top priority; therefore only well-mannered persons are employed. Clean language is expected. You will never see people yelling or screaming or acting in an unprofessional manor on the premises. All personnel must display Honesty, Integrity, open communication and respect for all parties. All in all Jellybean AutoCrafters is a fun place to work.


Our 14,000 square foot facility is one of the largest and cleanest in Western Canada. It is outfitted with some of the best equipment in the industry, which provides extra value while retaining top quality workmanship.

You’ve heard of shops burning to the ground due to various reasons. We take many precautions to avoid this from happening such as being located in a concrete building with a storefront for fire & security reasons. Due to the amount of bad wiring on old cars we disconnect all batteries unless the vehicle is being worked on at the time. Care is taken during all procedures that could cause concern.
We take the feasible precautions necessary to ensure safety for your prized possession.

We are in close proximity to Langley, which, according to My Classic Car tv show, is the “Hot Rod Capital of Canada”. 

Mission Statement

We’ll Show You Extraordinary

  • Jellybean AutoCrafters designs and builds vehicles in house from sketch to completion
  • Performs services from oil changes to building turn key cars
  • Upgrades any existing vehicle or provides the newest technology for our one off custom rides
  • Customizes & modernize any vehicle
  • Designs & manufactures specialty brackets and accessories
    • disc brake brackets & kits
    • motor & trans mounts
    • etc
  • We source original parts from all around the world
  • Creatively designed rides
  • Builds state of the art, ergonomically correct interiors, seats and layouts


  • To make Jellybean AutoCrafters the number one destination for restoration, custom and performance vehicles in the automotive industry
  • To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry
  • To sell products and services at a great value in any price range
  • To maintain a solid growth rate for the company in order to continue to reach for the top

We Believe In Giving Back To The Community

We partner with Young Guns Garage in Surrey, which is a youth program that provides mentorship, teaches mechanical and fabrication skills and “provides the tools” needed for the youths to have a successful life.

 We host our Annual Canada d’Eh Celebration and Car Show which is a free event where this year we had 2000 participants and about 600 cars. It is our way of saying thanks to Canada for accepting our family into Canada back in 1967.

We organize car cruises and shows at senior citizen housing facilities and sponsor several other car related events each year and 

We host a few multi-day specialty car tours each year. These events are very casual with a “friends” type of atmosphere. They are a great way to meet people with the same interests & have fun. Dates are posted on our website as they are confirmed. 

Key Things to help Jellybean AutoCrafters succeed

  • Must display honesty, integrity, open communication, respect for all parties involved
  • Work with our customers on a personal level, as opposed to the “What’s your customer number?” mentality
  • Be an active member of the automotive community; i.e., attend local car shows or meets, be a member of car clubs and the BC Specialty Vehicle Association, have a company booth at regional shows
  • Fair pricing, excellent quality and respectable profits
  • Deliver our products promptly
  • Setting the pace and staying ahead of the competition in customer service
  • Setting the standard for designs and concepts