They say that hard work pays off and I’m here to say, that is true for our shop.
We are now one of the longest standing legit “hotrod shops” BC has ever had and we are still moving forward with big plans and dreams.
Thanks for all your support over the years, it is appreciated.
“To The Future, And Beyond”

(Buzz Lightyear)

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A little get together at Jelly Bean Auto Crafters in Langley on Canada Day

Canadian Rodder’s, Points West 3 Car Tour


The Points West 3 Tour by Canadian Rodder, started in Toronto, Ontario Canada and ended at Deuce Days Car Show in Victoria BC, was held in 2016. This clip has the cars arriving at Jellybean AutoCrafters shop in Surrey, British Columbia, then heading away from the shop, catch the ferry to Vancouver Island for the Deuce Days Car Show in Victoria.

Here’s some classic Mercedes design mixed with high tech goodies and something special under the hood! Built by Jellybean AutoCrafters & Customs in Surrey, BC.
A personal side of Kurt & Ewald Penner, owners at Jellybean AutoCrafters. Work hard, play hard & enjoy life is the motto among the staff so here’s a clip showing a little of the humorous side of the company.
Where the name came from
Jellybean Autocrafters 2018 Canada d’Eh Celebration

1938 BMW on GlobalTV

1965 Beaumont Convertible

We are thrilled to have our 1965 Beaumont Convertible, one of only 2 in Canada, featured in Laurell new song ‘Can’t Stop Falling’ … enjoy

Jellybean AutoCrafters Canada Day Car Show 2007

Solstice, Jellybean AutoCrafters style