1956 Chevrolet

To make sure this 1956 Chevrolet pickup would be a good daily driving modern truck, Jellybean AutoCrafters installed a power steered TCI disc brake front suspension and in the rear we fabricated and installed a flip kit. After fabricating the mounts, we installed the under floor power brake system along with new brake lines & residual valves. We fabricated the motor mounts & transmission cross member for this 350/350 Automatic combination. The mechanical upgrades and complete rewiring of the truck, performing the 12 volt conversion and installing electronic ignition ensure reliability no matter if it is going to & from work or a road trip across the continent. Moving the fuel tank to the rear cleaned up the interior while making it safer in the event of a collision. The slight tub job together with the polished checker plate bed floor and having ends of the bedrails angled and finished off, make the bed a unique piece while achieving a clean look. Creature comfort being of utmost importance left the ergonomics of this old truck much to be desired of so we installed a tilt column & a split bench seat. Now whether you have 2 or 3 people in the cab, it is comfortable for all. Velocity Upholstery did a bang up job on the Blue/Tan color & design of the interior. The custom interior with its modern style and design enhance the driving experience while the stereo with CD finish it off perfectly.

All in all this truck is a nice driving vehicle with the correct stance and attitude. It features an up to date style & drivetrain which the customer can enjoy for many years to come as his daily driver.